I started out as a maker by designing video games in my bedroom in my early teens. I was heavily involved in the indie game development scene for most of the 00's until eventually returning to physical art in 2010.

I've been building costumes and props since around 2000, and over time I've expanded my skills and techniques to incorporate more complex methods. With a background in digital design and 3D modeling for game development, it was an easy transition to 3D printing and CAD for prop building.

Since 2011 I've been interested in 3D printing and CNC technology, and have been using and building 3D printers for various projects. In 2013 I joined Freeside Atlanta, a hackerspace in downtown Atlanta, where I connected with the community of builders and makers as well as the huge wealth of tools and equipment available. I've been very involved with Freeside since joining, and in November 2014 I joined the Board of Directors.

My other interests as a hacker - including some that intersect cosplay - include Arduino and other electronic art, animatronics, custom prosthetics, and robotics. I've built several small scale Arduino powered LED art displays that I would like to build into larger installations. I'm also working on building a haunted arcade cabinet for the game Polybius.

Currently I am interested in expanding my knowledge and personal collection of 3D printers, and building costumes, armor, and weapons from the video games and comic books I love.

If you are interested in contacting me about a project or a commission, please send me an email to: msleeper@gmail.com