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Friday, February 19, 2016

February Project Updates

I'm at an awkward stage for all of my projects, where I'm not quite done with some of them, and not quite started enough on others to start doing write-ups. It's weird to spend an average day working on several things, and not really feel like you made much progress or have anything to show for the work, yet actually have things accomplished.

My ongoing work on various 3D printers continues. I finished building my Wilson TS RepRap printer and brought it home to my printing fleet. I also have more or less finished Freeside Atlanta's Wilson known as "The Kraken" and it should be printing soon as well. I'll be writing up a build log and review of the Wilson once I have both of them in fully working order.

I've also been tinkering with Freeside's LulzBot AO-100 (and by extension, my personal LulzBot AO-101) to work out some problems it's having. That machine is really old and has had a lot of wear on it over the years, so I've had to really show it some love.

In actual prop news, I have a handful of space guns in the works.

A few months ago I decided to start making the Quake 2 Blaster that I've had an idea to make in the back of my mind forever. I have it cast up and ready to start painting, so this should be done very soon and I'll be posting a build log.

Speaking of side projects, I've been teaching Elliott about prop and costume building, and we picked a project to learn things on. We're building a set of Marine armor from the game Natural Selection 2, and we've been 3D printing the rifle and the pistol.

As if I didn't have enough space gun projects, I printed out the Federation laser rifle from Rick & Morty. Right now it's had a first pass of primer, so there's a lot of work left on this one.

The main event this year though is the T-60 Power Armor from Fallout 4. A couple weeks ago, Mike Vrogy came up to the space and helped Elliott and I build the stilts. We're starting 3D printing and CNC production on the rest of the armor, but that's going to be a much bigger write up!

That's all for now, keep an eye for more write ups soon.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Project Updates

With less than 70 days left to Dragon Con, I wanted to post up an update on my current works in progress before I don't have any free time!

The main event this year is Vi. I feel like I've been working on her for months and months now, but the reality is that other projects got way in the way and had to put it on hold for a while. Thankfully I'm back in full swing now! The goggles are finished and ready. The legs are fully 3D printed and currently being cleaned up. The backpack and shoulder armor is being 3D printed at this time and will be finished in a few weeks. I've commissioned Katja Von Designs, the woman who made my Princess Peach dress last year, to make the jacket and corset.

My custom built 3D printer is very nearly finished. At this point I have everything I need, and I just need to machine some of the aluminum parts before it's ready to start being used. Finally!

In my spare time, I've been slowly chipping away at a handful of helmets I have from Shawn Thorrson - the Iron Man Mk 3, the War Machine, and the Iron Man Godkiller. I've had these for a while and I really should finish them and have them available to display!

I'm also trying to get a couple new Ultron 5 helmets out the door!

I also recently picked up an Ant-Man helmet from a friend and I'm trying to get that ready to wear to the Ant-Man premiere next month.

Very shortly I'll be starting on Furiosa's bionic arm for my friend Laura. As you can see, she's already really excited to get started!

A photo posted by Laura (@vauuughn) on

Someone asked me recently how I achieved the metal look in some of the things I've built, so I wanted to share that here. I use these three Rust-Oleum paints for the base of any grey / silver metallic paint job that I do:


The Aluminum is used as a base coat, and the Matte Nickel and Charcoal are applied in varying layers to give different looks. For example with the Gravity Gun, I alternated light coats of each color to give a worn metal look.

More soon.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hiatus, Updates, and Works in Progress

Hello internet! Long time no chat.

I've been fairly quiet on here for some time now, and I'm very sorry about that. Things have been very busy for me the past several months and I feel like I am only just now able to start doing prop making seriously again.

Dragon Con was amazing and I loved building the new Ultron helmet. I'm very happy with how the sculpt and electronics came out with that, and it's given me a lot of ideas for some projects for the future.

This past November, I decided to join the board of directors at Freeside Atlanta, the hackerspace that I do my prop work out of. I've been a member since about mid 2013 and I have very much enjoyed the space and the community. There are a lot of awesome people there and I've loved meeting them and sharing knowledge an experience! I wanted to get more involved and do what I can to help the organization grow, and I've been involved in other communities in the past and knew I had experience and talent to bring to the table.

What I didn't expect was exactly how much of my time doing so would take up. Pretty much from the start I've had a lot of my already limited free time taken up with various tasks and projects in the shop itself. Instead of going to the space to work on projects, the space became my project. Not that I'm complaining - I've been enjoying the experience and I think I've helped accomplish some awesome things! - but learning to balance it has been tricky.

At Freeside I've been shepherding the 3D printers there and making sure they stay in working order. It's been a bit of a tall order, but the process has been a good learning experience! I've also started teaching classes on 3D printing and laser cutting, two of my favorite methods for building things. While this does take up a bit more of my free time, the upside is that I've essentially been able to build my 3D printer for free.

Oh yeah, I've also started to build my own personal 3D printer. It's a mish-mash of ideas from printers I like - the Prisa i3, the MendelMax 2, the LulzBot TAZ - all coming together to build a large area printer for prop making purposes. As of this post I have the chassis designed and assembled, and all but the last few bits purchased. I'm hoping to have it in operation by the end of March.

Until then, my prop work continues! I have a few irons in the fire right now, all of which are very exciting.

I am slowly plugging away at my Vi from League of Legends build. I'm using some new 3D modeling and printing techniques on her, we'll see how it goes. So far I'm very happy!

I've taken a very special commission that I don't want to spoil just yet. Let's just say it's definitely going to grab your attention!

Then lastly, I am working with the Atlanta Cosplay Meetup to build Colonial Marines and Xenos! We are meeting several times a month to build costumes and so far our builds have been going incredibly well.

I'm going to try and stay on top of this blog a bit better now that I am more regularly building things. Next post will likely be a build write-up!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

New earring design - In Vino Veritas

I've received my stock of HL2 jewelry so the items I have on my Etsy shop are ready to go out. I also received the first of my new designs, In Vino Veritas.

This design is the Latin idiom inspired by the Port O'Brien song of the same name, laser cut out of mirror backed acrylic. It will be available on my Etsy store very soon!
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Overworld Designs now on Etsy

After some delays, I have opened up a shop on Etsy. I will be primarily selling jewelry, art, and other non-prop items. But if you have a special request for any of my projects that are not listed on there, then please let me know!

Currently I only have listed my base stock - A series of laser cut acrylic jewelry designs inspired by Half-Life 2. I will be adding more designs in the future, to be sure you check back!

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